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Where to Buy a Laser Pointer - How To Guide

If you’re looking to buy a laser pointer, it’s not like you can walk down to your local laser shop and ask... read more

Are Laser Pointers Legal to Own in Canada?

Up until 2012 any laser pointer was legal to own in Canada. At the time the problems involving handheld laser... read more

Spiders Chasing Laser Pointers Like Pets

Most spiders have two set of eyes with four located on the top of their head. The top are only really good for seeing... read more

Never Point Laser Pointers at Airplanes or Helicopter

This should be a given but you should never aim a laser of any kind at aircraft, whether it be private, commercial... read more

Choosing a Laser Pointer by Color

When looking to buy a laser pointer the first thing you will probably consider is what color laser to get. Each color... read more

3D Laser Printer Cuts and Engraves

The Glowforge is coined a 3D Laser Printer but basically it's a laser cutter/engraver CNC machine that's built... read more